At Equity Arts, we know creativity is far too precious to tinker with. We believe the best is possible.

Equity Arts was founded by Dr. Mechele Manno, EdD under the premise that creative businesses deserve to have their best ideas brought to life with the support of unbiased experts working holistically on innovation and change management. We realize there are many types of challenges that might prevent or hinder growth, and even stunt implementation. We are committed to working with you to reduce barriers and to find equitable solutions for the best possible outcomes.

Our Approach

We are advocates for organizations, individuals and communities. Our goal is to always bring equity-minded professionalism and thought leadership to each project. We strive to fill gaps that are limiting growth whether by capacity building or change management solutions. Our specialties include data assessment, strategic planning, group facilitation, norm setting, and team building.

“Through consensus-seeking and team-building, I help develop creative solutions that are measurable and flexible for arts organizations and cultural industries to make lasting impacts in their communities.”

Dr. Mechele Manno, Owner & Principal Consultant of Equity Arts.

Our Clients

Our clients range from individuals to complex organizations. We’ve worked on small projects within departments that deal with internal assessment to improve business imperatives, and large-scale community-based projects to shift cultural norms that reach thousands of people. They are:






Cultural Centers




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